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I graduated from West Wales Arts in Carmarthen in 1999 with a B.A.Hons in Art and Design as a textile designer and surface decorator.

My initial body of work as a textile designer included making one off  wall hangings out of a mixture of media made into constructed lengths, using glue and latex and an assortment of objects such as gold leaf, silkworm cocoons, threads,beads,glitter and glass.

My current work is a new initiative following on from a career of more than a decade as a decorator at a local pottery near Carmarthen "Gwili  


"I love creating beautiful, quirky, functional, affordable ware especially my little oil drizzlers,and canape dishes. The decoration is as important to me as the construction and functionality of the pieces.I handbuild my pots using white earthenware and decorate them using coloured slips at the “greenware stage” which involves painting the pieces when they are leather hard,they are then left to completely dry and bisque fired and finally glazed to produce the finished shiney bright highly decorated pots.

I hope the bold bright colours and mark making give a sense of fun and functionality, at the same time the shape and form are slightly reminiscent of the 70'ies coffee pots and a bold bright colourful age !!


My work is ever changing as I discover new techniques,colour, shape and form,and inspiration luckily is everywhere!!!!



          My work & Me

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